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Oasis Day Camp - Week 5 Upper Camp Daily Schedule

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Week 5: Refresh!

TIE-DYE WEEK: Keep an extra OASIS shirt in your bookbag this week! 


Tuesday: Wear ORANGE for our OASIS GIVES BACK EVENT LAUNCH!  (see e-mail for charity donation information) 

For more information: TEAM FOX! 



Enter: Digital Decades

Just like technology, fashion also moves and changes through time! For this week’s Wacky Wednesday we will transform ourselves to match the snazzy styles  from different decades! Will you be stylin’ with 70’s fashion? Look fresh with 80’s fads? Look Nice for the 90’s, or forget everything and show up futuristic? Take us to another time, today! Technology may advance over time, but fashion styles always seem to come back! Let’s bring all the colorful wackiness back!




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