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Oasis Day Camp - The New Year is so close: What about resolutions?

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New Year’s Eve is only a day away, and we can imagine you’re starting to rack up all the things from 2015 that you’d like to do differently for the upcoming year.

But what about your child’s resolutions?

Here’s a great way to get your child in the same habit of setting goals and learning from things that may not have worked out as planned; check out this post from “Thirty Handmade Days” and make a new tradition with your child for years to come: http://www.thirtyhandmadedays.com/2015/12/printable-new-years-resolutions-kids-2016/

The important part is to have your child write these things down, instead of just saying it aloud; this physical action will help them better remember what they've written. And as the author of this post states, the best part is collecting these lists and keeping them together for you and your child to go through and continue to make lasting memories. You can download the template by subscribing to the author’s newsletter – or, you can use our Oasis version, which you can download by clicking HERE.

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