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Oasis Day Camp - Let's make some cookies - Holiday Style!

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The Holidays are here and in full swing. Right about now, it's probably guaranteed you have no idea what to give your child's teacher, babysitter, your co-worker or friend...but we have just the thing for you!

These Cookie Mix Jars are all the rage and make the perfect Holiday gift for anyone of any relation to you or your child! It's simple, quick and cost effective, not to mention completely customizable. The process is this easy:

1. Check out this LINK for some of the commonly used recipes, or create your own! You're going to want to have all the dry ingredients measured out so you can fill your jar.

2. Grab a clear Mason Jar and layer your ingredients however you find appealing. (you can use a tinted jar if you'd like, as long as it's transparent so the recipient can see the layers of ingredients).

3. Place the lid on your jar, create a nice tag including all of the steps for the recipe, the temperature of the oven, and any eggs, water, butter, etc. with measurements that the recipients need to make the cookies.

4. Jazz up your jar with holiday ribbon, stickers, or other decorations.

And that's it! The best part about this gift is you can customize it for those with allergies or diet restrictions, and you can use it for not just cookies, but pancakes, brownies, hot chocolate, cake, or flavored breads! Stay posted here and to our Instagram and Facebook for more great ideas and recipes through out the year!

Happy Holidays!

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