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Oasis Day Camp - Don't Forget Camp T-Shirt Day!

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One of the most unique aspects of having a summer camp experience is getting to be a part of the silly, awesome fun that is camp spirit. Whether it's dressing up like your role model or wearing a mustache all day long just because, Oasis has that spirit, which is why we want you to participate in Camp Craze's International Camp T-Shirt Day, tomorrow November 17th. By taking part in this world-wide event, you're doing so much more than just uploading a picture to our social media; you're expressing appreciation and love for a program that has changed the way we think, act and have fun for the better.


If you missed our first post, follow these 3 steps to participate:

1. Snap a picture in your Oasis gear.

2. Upload the picture to our Twitter or Instagram account by tagging us! (use @oasisdaycamps for both platforms). Make sure to tag "@campcraze," the organization hosting this day, as well.

3. Add these hashtags: "#campcraze #camptshirtday #oasisdaycamps." You can even add a little caption on which Oasis location you attened and why it's your favorite summer home!


It's that simple! So make sure to "gather your readies" and join us in this amazing world-wide event tomorrow by doing what we know you can do best - show us that O-A-S-I-S SPIRIT!

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