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About Oasis in Camp TWU, Brooklyn


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Lower Day Camp Program

Special attention is paid to ensure that activities and instruction are developmentally appropriate for the varied ages of our campers going into the 1st through 3rd grades.

Lower Camp:
  • Lower Camp is comprised of campers going into first, second and third grades.
  • What campers at this age need is structure and exposure to a variety of activities.
  • While variety is great, we still want Lower Campers to have choice in their programming, so periodically throughout the week they will select their own activities.
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Upper Day Camp Program

Special attention is paid to ensure that activities and instruction are developmentally appropriate for the varied ages of our campers going into the 4th through 6th grades.

Upper Camp:
  • For campers going into fourth, fifth and sixth grades the Oasis Day Camp experience is tailored to meet their maturing tastes.
  • Age-appropriate programming includes Athletics, Performing Arts, Creative Arts, Outdoor Adventure, Enrichment, and Swim.
  • Campers will have the ability to self-select "Choice Time" activities: elective-based programming from a daily/weekly menu of options.
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C.I.T Program

You are never too old for summer camp! 

Counselor-in-Training Program:
  • For energetic and motivated teenagers (ages 14 to 16; entering 9th grade through entering 11th grade) who want to learn and develop leadership skills working with children in a camp setting, while still getting to enjoy all the fun activities and friendships of summer camp.
  • Develop leadership skills through direct supervision, regular conferences with leadership staff, and a hands-on experience engaging with campers.
  • Open only to returning Oasis campers.
  • Download the CIT application here.


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P.S. 346 - The Abe Stark School

An ideal setting for a Summer Camp

Oasis provides children with traditional summer camp experiences that include sports and recreation, visual and performing arts, academic enrichment, instructional swim and field trips that are designed to take advantage of the many enriching activities in the New York area. Children travel on yellow school buses to fun attractions of interest and educational value. For families seeking a fun, safe and enriching summer program, Camp TWU offers children an experience that is unrivaled by even the most expensive day camp programs.

Oasis TWU is housed in P.S. 346 - Abe Stark and takes advantage of the school’s surrounding grounds.  Swim activities take place at the Betsy Head swimming pool.

Activities Never a dull moment!

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Our aquatics activities take place at our own private section of the outdoor Betsy Head pool.


With a strong emphasis on safety, these facilities provide campers with a great place to cool off, improve skills, and have fun. 

We feature an American Red Cross Learn-To-Swim program under the strict supervision of our own Aquatics Directors, Instructors and Life Guards.

Just The Right Mix of Learning & Recreation

Campers learn and improve upon their swimming skills one moment, and can be enjoying recreational swim and just plain splashing around the next!

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The Right Balance Between Competition & Just Having Fun!

The Oasis Way is never more evident than in our athletics program.  At Oasis we stress sportsmanship and fair play above anything else.

Expert Coaching

That’s not to say that instruction and competition go by the wayside.  Far from it! We have expert coaching and modern athletic facilities to give every child the chance to reach their individual potential.

Never played one of the sports?  No problem!

Our coaches will show you how to pass, shoot, and score!  Our athletic program includes instruction and plenty of time to play games just for fun.

At Oasis winning is secondary to ensuring that sports are safe, inviting, and enjoyable for everyone, no matter what their level of ability.

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Creative & Performing Arts

Let Your Imagination Run Wild!

At Oasis campers are encouraged to let their creative energy shine.

Wide Variety

We offer a wide-range of creative programming.  The activities are designed to allow campers to use their imaginations and express themselves artistically. Theater arts, music, dance, arts & crafts and so much more are all part of the wide variety of creative fare offered at Oasis.

Learn From The Experts

Like in all of our activities, our arts instructors are experts in their field with years of instructional experience.

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Outdoor Adventure

The Great Outdoors Come to Life!

Adventure activities are designed to help campers develop confidence, leadership, and camaraderie. Moreover, campers learn an appreciation for nature.

The Oasis experience truly comes alive when our campers challenge themselves to try activities they have never done before.

Where Individuality and Teamwork go Hand-in-Hand!

Whether it’s hiking, orienteering, or exploring, campers have the opportunity to challenge themselves individually while also working together as a team with a common goal - all the while building friendships, self-esteem and confidence!

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Special Events

A great camp experience blends excitement and spontaneity with lots of tradition and camp spirit.

Whether it’s singing at lunch or cheering at morning rally, Oasis’s infectious camp spirit starts the moment campers arrive and keeps growing until the moment they depart.

Never a dull moment.

Wonderful activities like talent shows, scavenger hunts and high-energy dance parties are all part of the fare at Oasis in Brooklyn.

Weekly special events and themes, BBQs, and all of the other activities help create a unique, surprise filled environment that keep Oasis campers coming back year after year.


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Oasis bus service features pick-up and drop-off stops at a number of convenient locations in select neighborhoods at an additional fee of $100 per week.

Safe & Comfortable

All transportation is done with air-conditioned yellow school buses, driven by professional drivers that have been fully vetted.  Oasis staff members are also present on every bus.

*contact transportation@oasischildren.com to request a copy of our current bus routes*

Extended Day

For parents who chose not to patriciate in transportation services, Oasis also offers an extended day option. For $45 each a week/per child, parents can choose to sign up for our Early Drop-Off and/or Late Pick-Up services.

Available from 8am to 8:30am, and/or from 5:30pm-6pm, parents can either drop their camper off at camp early, have them take part of our late-stay program, or do both!

Dates & Rates Forms & other FAQs

Dates & Rates

Oasis Camp TWU Brooklyn is open Summer 2019 from July 1 through August 9, 2019.

Families are welcome to drop their children off directly at the site.  

Morning drop-off starts at 8:30am and afternoon pick-up is by 5:30pm.  For an additional fee, you may sign up for Early Drop Off Service (8:00am-8:30am) or Late Pick Up Service (5:30pm-6:00pm).  

Busing is also available. 

2019 Camp Pricing

# of Weeks2019 CampBus Service
2 weeks$610$200
3 weeks$905$300
4 weeks$1,220$400
5 weeks$1,525$500
6 weeks$1,800$600
 Early Drop Off  (8:00-8:30 am) - $45/weekLate Stay (5:30-6:00 pm) - $45/week
  • Returning families save $15 per week, per child.

  • Bus service is available for $100 per week, per child.

  • Oasis is flexible around your summer schedule! Campers can enroll for a minimum of two consecutive weeks, a maximum of 6, or any combination in between.


Day Camp

Download the registration packet.

Download the bus routes. *contact transportation@oasischildren.com to request a copy of our current bus routes*

Download the health form.

Please email us at brooklyn@oasischildren.com to get a copy of our most recent bust routes!


Where is camp located?

 Oasis Camp TWU is headquartered at P.S 346, located at 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue in Starlett City.

What time does camp start and end?

Drop-off is between 8:30am and 9am. 

Pickup is between 4:30pm and 5:30pm.

*Early drop-off (8am-8:30am) and late pickup (5:30pm-6pm) is available for an additional fee.

Where do I drop off and pick up my child?

Campers are dropped off and picked up at P.S. 346.

What if I need to pick up my child early?

If you wish to pick up your child early, please notify our site office on the day prior by email at brooklyn@oasischildren.com or via phone at 646-519-5063. Early pick up times are scheduled around your child’s activity schedule (1:00pm, 3:00pm), so please be aware that these are the only two early pick up times available. 

*Please note - Early pick up is not possible on days your child is on a field trip.

How old are your campers?

Our campers range from 6 years old to 12 years old.

Lower Camp is set up for our campers who are going into 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade.

Upper Camp is set up for our campers who are going into 4th, 5th, and 6th grade.

How can I get in touch with you?

Site Director: Roger Redhead
Site contact info: 646-519-5063 
Site Email: brooklyn@oasischildren.com

Can I visit my child at camp?

YES!!  Starting your camper’s second week we highly encourage you to visit us.  We do not allow parent visits during the first week of camp in order to allow your campers time to acclimate to their new surroundings.  So come ready to have fun and join in.  Call the office to make set up a time to visit.  We ask that you give us 24 hours notice.  When you arrive for your visit please come to the main office.  We will outfit you in your own Oasis t-shirt.  Make sure you come dressed ready to fully participate in all aspects of the program.  Yes, if you are coming during your camper’s swim period bring your suit and be ready to jump in the pool!

What do campers wear at camp?

All campers must wear their Oasis t-shirt, shorts, socks, and sneakers. 

For the pool, please send your camper with a bathing suit (either on them or in a plastic bag), a towel, and flipflops/Crocs (you may also want to send goggles and a swim cap). 

We highly encourage sending your camper with a hat and sunglasses to protect our scalp and eyes. 

For our younger campers, parents may send an extra change of clothes in their bookbag.

What should my child bring to camp?


Campers should bring everything that they need for camp in the Oasis backpacks. Campers should bring:

  • swim gear
  • water bottle (not the metal ones, they get hot too fast)
  • lunch
  • sunscreen
  • spare change of clothes 

What medical staff do you have on site?

Oasis in Brooklyn has a full time RN or EMT on site at all times.  In addition to this all leadership staff and several group leaders are Red Cross CPR, First Aid and Epi-Pen Administration certified.  Please know that our staff IS NOT allowed to administer medicine to your child.  The only exception to this Department of Health guide line is epi-pens.  A member of our medical staff or your Division Leader will call you if your child receives medical attention of any kind.

If your child should require an epi-pen or an asthma pump, please feel free to send one to the camp's summer office in a labeled ziploc bag. Staff will have the medication ready in case of an emergency.

My child has severe allergies and needs to bring an Epi-pen, what should I do?

Please make sure that you indicate any and all important medical information that we need to know about your camper on his/her medical form.  Please alert your Division Leader that your child will be bringing epi-pens to camp.  Please bring 2 pens, both of which need to have a copy of the original prescription taped to them and be clearly labeled with your campers name.  One epi-pen will be kept locked in the medical office safe.  The other will go out into camp with your camper’s Division Leader every day.

What do children eat for lunch at camp?

You can send your child to camp with a packed lunch in a insulated, non-disposable lunch bag that will be kept in coolers during the day. You can also sign up for our catered hot lunch service for an additional fee. 

What is required to enroll for camp?

Parents will have to fill out a registration form to enroll for camp, or use our online system to do so. Before your child begins their stay at camp with us, they will need a completed health form. The health form cannot be over a year old, and is REQUIRED for your child to attend camp.


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Your Child's Happiness Comes First

Everyone at Oasis shares one common goal: to put the interest and happiness of our campers first.  

Our staff is nurturing and encouraging in everything they do.  We are involved in all aspects of camp and believe that participation and supervision are one in the same.

Amazing staff that receive the best training in the industry - it’s another aspect that makes Oasis a premium camp!

It’s about the people.

It’s not about the grounds, facilities, or even the activities.  It’s about the people.  At Oasis we deliver excellence through our commitment to recruiting, training and motivating the best staff in the summer camp industry.

We attract the most qualified teachers, coaches, program specialists and college students, and continuously instruct, coach and reward them to bring out their highest level of performance.  

Most importantly, our staff loves what they do, which makes a difference every day in your child’s camping experience.

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