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Oasis Day Camp - A Typical Day

A day in the life of an Oasis camper!

Lower Camp and Upper Camp (for campers entering the 1st grade through 6th grade)

At Oasis we believe that campers should be exposed to a wide variety of activities. That's why every week as part of their scheduled activities, Oasis campers participate in everything from sports and games, to creative and performing arts, outdoor adventure, and aquatic activities. Our camp also provides campers with the opportunity to further expand their interest and skills by introducing them to more skill based sports and games. Our incredible, "whole child" programming includes: 

The day is split up into various activities that encompass various sports and team building games, visual & performing arts, outdoor adventure, nature/science and swimming. These activities take place both in the morning and afternoon, with community lunch in between.

Visual arts activities are comprised of arts like drawing, painting and sculpture techniques Performing arts includes activities such as music, drama and dance. Field sports instruction includes soccer, softball, flag football, ultimate Frisbee. Court sports are generally tennis, basketball All the sports and games activities are complimented with an array of team building activities.

It is important for our campers to learn about the environment they live in, which is covered in outdoor adventure.  Nature/science is explored through scavenger hunts, orienteering, map making, compass usage, hiking and more.  At the pool, every camper is swim tested on their first day of camp and grouped according to their ability and receives swim instruction in addition to recreational swimming.

This is our typical daily schedule; however, we post the actual schedule before camp begins. Keep an eye on the blog for more info!

Sample Typical Day for Traditional Camp


Early Arrival


Regular Arrival


Morning Rally and announcements




Change/Snack time


Court Sports


Visual Arts


Lunch/Community time


Field Sports


Performance Arts




End of Day Rally


Regular Dismissal


Late Dismissal

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