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Oasis Day Camp - Week Four is Greece Week! Opa!

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Dear Oasis Week Four Parents,

As we enter our peak weeks, we're looking forward to meeting our newest campers as well as catching up with our favorite returners. Week Four is Greece Week of Oasis around the world, featuring sports day on Wednesday and Color War Olympics on Friday. (We will tolerate Eagles gear in honor of South Jersey, but Cowboys gear is, of course, frowned upon.)

Drop-off and pickup remain at Dorothy Young for all but our youngest (1A and 1B) campers. You'll see a pair of Oasis signs at the left turn just before the guard booth at the Lancaster entrance of the Drew Campus. The Tillman lot (to the right of the guard booth) should be utilized for pickup, but for drop-off you can simply let your camper(s) out of the car. Regular drop-off is between 8:30-9:10 and regular pickup is between 4:30-5:30. For additional fees, you can sign up for early drop-off starting at 8 and/or late pickup ending at 6. Contact Madison@oasischildren.com for these services. 1A and 1B pickup and drop-off remain at the Simon Athletic Forum at the end of Lancaster Ave.

Our staff this year has an outstanding group dynamic: possibly the best I've seen in my seven years with Oasis. Whichever group your camper is in, they're sure to have an amazing summer.

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Week Four Schedule

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-James Falstrom
Oasis in Madison
Camp Director

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