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Oasis Day Camp - Looking Ahead to Week Three!

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Dear Oasis in Madison Week Three Parents:
Salutations, or as we say in camp, hi-dee-hi! It’s been an amazing first couple of camp weeks already and our program only gets stronger from here on out. As you may know, our theme this year is Oasis around the world and this week’s destination is Brazil! That means Friday is our special Carnival-themed event. I heard a rumor a really awesome balloon lady is coming… We also have Twin Day on Wednesday so our counselors will be helping campers find a friend or set of friends to twin or triplet with Monday and Tuesday (or they can twin with a staff member too, me included!). I’m also running camp tours Thursdays at 10:00 a.m. or on demand if you have any friends or neighbors seeking an outstanding local day camp.

We’ve also got two wonderful on-site field trips next week: On Tuesday, the Day Rock program brings all the wild musicianship of a rock concert right to us! On Wednesday, we mellow out a little with a visiting seeing eye dog program.

Below, please find a schedule of our drop off and pick up times and locations, our special events calendar, and an activities schedule detailing the structure of your camper’s day.
Until next week,
James Falstrom
Camp Director

Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

Campus Map

Special Events Calendar

Week Three Schedule

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