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Oasis Day Camp - Week 7: Forever Funky!

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Hi-Dee-Hi Central Park Oasis Families --

It's Forever Funky Week!


-Tie-Dye Day!  Every camper will get the opportunity to tie-dye one of their Oasis Camp shirts! PLEASE make sure to send 1 ADDITIONAL WHITE CAMP T-SHIRT with your camper so that they can tie-dye on Tuesday!!

*Tie-dyed shirts will come home with your camper at the end of the day in a plastic bag, and will need to be washed before wearing to camp for Oasis Gives Back on Thursday.

As you know, this week your children will be tie dying shirts to wear to our TEAM FOX event THIS Thursday. Between today and Wednesday your campers will be coming home with their WET tie-dye shirts in plastic bags.

In order to make sure your tie dye shirts look good, please wash them like this:

1. Allow the T-shirt to set in the plastic bag overnight. Carefully rinse the shirt, starting with warm water and then cool, until the water runs clear. Remove the rubber bands during rinsing. This is permanent dye, so be careful not to get any of it on your clothes.

2. Wash the shirt by itself in the washing machine with cold water to avoid shrinkage. It's a good idea to run the washer again with warm water and some soap to make sure that no dye is left in your machine.

3. Hang up the shirt to dry or dry it in the dryer on the coolest setting.

4. After your child wears the shirt, wash and dry it separately once more in case the dye is not completely rinsed out.

Thursday Special Event:

-OASIS GIVES BACK!  In partnership with Team Fox, Oasis Camps all across the city will be holding (or have already held) fun fundraising events to help raise funds and awareness for the Team Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.  You can learn more about Team Fox here: http://bit.ly/1IwdtFG.

At Oasis in Central Park, our portion of the event is called Sprints for Survival!  Campers will participate in sprints and relay races throughout the day, with the goal to raise $1 for every sprint or lap run by each camper. 

If you are interested in making a donation of any amount, please write a check made out the "Michael J. Fox Foundation" and either give it to your division leader during morning arrival or dismissal any day this week, or give the check directly to your bus counselor.  We recommend sending in a check, though we are also accepting cash donations.

*Please make sure to wear TIE-DYE + Orange on Thursday in honor of the event!!

Week 7 Daily Schedules by Division (Monday – Wednesday…check back later this week for Thursday and Friday)

Division 1 - Bobcats

Division 2 - Lions

Division 3 - Tigers

Division 4 - Cheetahs

Division 5 - Pumas

Division 6 - Panthers

Division 6X - Panthers X

Daily Themes:
Monday - Backwards Day! - Wear your clothes backwards!
Tuesday - Mismatched Socks Day! + Bring a spare shirt for Tie-Dye!
Wednesday - Pajama Day - Wear your Pajamas!  (Plus beach attire if you're a Cheetah or Puma!)
Thursday - Oasis Gives Back! - Wear your Tie-Dyed shirt + anything orange!
Friday - Talent Show! - Dress for your talent!!

Beach Week 2015!!  Please have your camper come to camp wearing their bathing suit to camp on their beach field trip day!

D4 (Cheetahs) - Wednesday, 8/12 - Jacob Riis Beach!
D5 (Pumas) - Wednesday, 8/12 - Jacob Riis Beach!
D6 (Panthers) - Monday, 8/10 - Jacob Riis Beach!
D6X (PanthersX) - Monday, 8/10 - Jacob Riis Beach & Tuesday, 8/11 - Visit with Oasis in Madison at Drew University*!!

*PanthersX will be swimming at Drew U. in Madison, so should still bring a bathing suit on Tuesday.

Lasker Pool swimming continues this week!  Please make sure your campers bring a bathing suit and towel in their backpacks every day that they are not on a field trip!  One day this week each of the divisions below will also have an opportunity to swim at our indoor pool at the Dwight school Athletic Center...

Dwight Swim Days:
D4 (Cheetahs) - Thursday, 8/13
D5 (Pumas) - Tuesday, 8/11
D6 (Panthers) - Wednesday, 8/12
D6X (PanthersX) - Wednesday, 8/12

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