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Oasis Day Camp - Week 6: Schedules by division & Color Games! (Revised with new schedules)

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Hi-Dee-Hi, Oasis Families!

Make way for theColor Games!  Known also at other camps as "Color War" or "Olympics", the Color Games are where we break the entire camp into two teams, the Blue team and the Green team, each with their own unique theme.  Select counselors and members of our staff have already been voted into positions to lead their team, which are the Super Blue Mario All-stars, or the Green-age Mutant Ninja Turtles!  Campers will find out which team their group is on sometime during the day on Monday, and they'll be invited to learn all about their team themes and cheers Monday afternoon at their respective teams' pep rallies. Beginning after the "Opening Ceremonies" on Tuesday morning, each activity that campers participate in will be worth points and part of the competition between blue and green.  Some events such as sports are objectively won or lost, while other creative arts and events and subjectively judged based on creativity and originality.  At the end of the week, all of the points from each event will be totaled and only one team will win.

Special Daily Color Games Events:
Monday - Pep Rallies! - Get to know your team and cheers, and hyped!!
Tuesday - Opening Ceremonies - Let the games begin!
Wednesday - College Trivia Bowl - A battle of wits takes center stage!
Thursday - Apache Relay - Possibly the biggest and wildest all-upper-camp relay race you've ever seen!
Friday - Culture Show! - Murals, Skits, Dance-offs and more!  Teams will have been working all week to prepare for this spectacular show!

Week 6 Daily Schedules by Divison

Division 1 - Bobcats

Division 2 - Lions

Division 3 - Tigers

Division 4 - Cheetahs

Division 5 - Pumas

Division 6 - Panthers

Division 6X - Panthers X


No Trips this week!

Lasker Pool swimming continues this week!  Please make sure your campers bring a bathing suit and towel in their backpacks every day that is not a field trip.  In addition to instruction, campers will be participating in special Color Games themed water activities and relays while visiting the pool...all worth points!  One day this week each of the divisions below will also have an opportunity to swim and participate in a Color Games Swim Meet at our indoor pool at the Dwight school Athletic Center!

Dwight Swim Days:
D4 (Cheetahs) - Thursday, 8/6
D5 (Pumas) - Wednesday, 8/5
D6 (Panthers) - Tuesday, 8/4
D6X (PanthersX) - Tuesday, 8/4

Happy Monday, everyone!




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