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Oasis Day Camp - Week 5's Daily Schedules by Division!

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Happy Monday, Oasis Families!

This week's theme is Forever Festive and every day is a different holiday! Take a look ahead at our Dress-up Days, Trips, and the Divison Daily Schedules. (The daily schedules may change depending on rain or extreme heat.) Remember you can always check in with the office if you have any questions!

Week 5: Forever Festive!


Special Events


Mon. 7/27

 Mother Earth Monday


Tues. 7/28

 Birthday Party! Dress like it's your birthday!

D3 – Theaterworks

D6X – Mini-Golf and Free-Play at Pier 25

Wed. 7/29

 Valentine's Day! Wear pink, red or purple.

D5 – Puppetworks

D6X - Tully Cup challenge

Thurs. 7/30

 Halloween! Dress in a halloween costume.

D1 & D2 - Pumpkin Party!

D4 - Theaterworks

D6 - Mini-Golf and Free-Play at Pier 25

Fri. 7/31

 Frozen Friday! Upper Camp Production of Frozen.


Week 5 Daily Schedules by Divison

Division 1 - Bobcats

Division 2 - Lions

Division 3 - Tigers

Division 4 - Cheetahs

Division 5 - Pumas

Division 6 - Panthers

Division 6X - Panthers X

FLIC Division 3

FLIC Divisions 4 through 6x

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