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Oasis Day Camp - Week 3 Daily Schedules

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Happy Monday, Oasis Families!

We are looking forward to another fantastic week in Central Park! Here's a look ahead at our Dressup Days, Trips, and the Divison Daily Schedules. Remember you can also check in with the office if you have any questions!

Week 3: Forever Frontier!


Special Events


Mon. 7/13



Tues. 714

Space: The Final Frontier: Dress like an astronaut!

D3 – Natural History Museum Space Tour

D6X – Sony Wondertech Lab

Wed. 7/15

Frontier of Science: Nature Scavenger Hunt

D4 – NY Hall of Science

Thurs. 7/16

Finding Frontiers: Come dressed representing your favorite country

D5 – NY Hall of Science

D6 & D6X – Liberty Science Center

Fri. 7/17

Wild, Wild West Dress-Up Day!

D1 & D2 – Fire House Visit

Week 3 Daily Schedules by Divison

Division 1 - Bobcats

Division 2 - Lions

Division 3 - Tigers

Division 4 - Cheetahs

Division 5 - Pumas

Division 6 - Panthers

Division 6X - Panthers X

FLIC Division 3

FLIC Divisions 4 through 6x

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