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Oasis Day Camp - Talent Show and Daily Schedules for Week 7 Thursday and Friday

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Oasis in Central Park has got talent!

Put on your dancing shoes, tighten your violin strings, practice your dribbling, hoola-hooping, backflipping, singing and whatever other amazing talent you may have--becaue the curtain goes up on Friday!  All campers are welcome to participate, and best of all--parents are invited! All shows take place at the Mandel School at 795 COlumbus Ave. Please read below for each division's times.

Friday 8/14 - Lower Camp Talent Show: 

Tigers (Division 3)- 11am
Bobcats (Division 1) and Lions (Division 2) - 12pm
Both shows will be in the Mandell theater. (795 Columbus Ave.)

Seats are limited. 


Upper Camp Talent Show:

1:00 PM - Cheetah Talent Show! (D4)
2:45 PM - Puma, Panther, PantherX Talent Show! (D5, D6 and D6X)
In order to attend the talent show, you MUST RSVP to mark@oasischildren.com with the following information:

1) Your name
2) The number of additional guests you'll be bringing
3) Your camper's name and group
4) Which showtime you'll be attending
5) Whether or not you will be picking up your camper directly from the show**

**If you would like you may pick up your camper directly after the show, though you will need to sign them out with your division leader.

Week 7 Daily Schedules by Division (Thursday and Friday)

Division 1 - Bobcats

Division 2 - Lions

Division 3 - Tigers

Division 4 - Cheetahs

Division 5 - Pumas

Division 6 - Panthers

Division 6X - Panthers X


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