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Oasis Day Camp - It's almost that time again...

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Today leaves us with almost one month until we begin holding our Winter Information Sessions! For us, this is a very big moment as we get to indulge with you into all things camp for the upcoming 2016 season. If you've never been to an Oasis Information Session, here's what you can expect:


1. You'll get to see and hear from REAL staff members about our camp's activities, policies, procedures, and experiences.

2. There will be plenty of Oasis staff members available to answer any questions you may have regarding the upcoming season.

3. Have a question specific to your child? Hold it to the end, and one of our staff members would be more than happy to discuss with you your specific child's needs.

4. Remember, activities can certainly change slightly from January to June, but we intend to give you as much solid information as possible so you can plan your summer with us confidently. Leave us your email at the sign-in table and stay up to date with all of our info for the upcoming summer!

5. And last but not least, you may even get to see your child interact with their future camp friends, as of course, all children are welcome to attend our information sessions.


The dates for Oasis in Central Park's Information Sessions will be released in the upcoming month! You can keep up with us HERE to get those dates as soon as they're posted. We can't wait to see you!

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