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Oasis Day Camp - Heat Update and Frozen Hip-Hop Musical

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Hi-Dee-High temperatures today, Oasis families!

As the mercury spikes again today, we will operate on a High Heat schedule. Our FLI Campers are going to the Natural History Museum, the Pumas are going to Puppetworks, and the Panthers will swim at Dwight. All the other campers will swim at their normal time, and then enjoy a rotation of indoor activities in the afternoon when the temperature reaches its peak.

And now going from sizzling to frozen...

Friday Special Event:

Frozen Friday!  You are invited to our Hip-Hop version of Frozen which will feature a star-studded cast of Cheetahs, Pumas, Panthers and Panthers X! 

In order to attend the show and picnic, you MUST RSVP to mark@oasischildren.com with the following information:

1) Your name
2) The number of additional guests you'll be bringing
3) Your camper's name and group
4) Which showtime you'll be attending
5) Whether or not you will be picking up your camper directly from the show**

NOTE: Not all campers are in the show, though all families are invited to watch and enjoy the show with your camper(s)!  Either before or after each show, you are also invited to join your camper outside for a picnic style lunch or snack, though please bring your own lunch and/or snacks. 

If you would like you may pick up your camper directly after the show or picnic, though you will need to sign them out with your division leader.  If your camper is in the cast and you would like to pick up your camper directly from the show, you must attend the 3:00 PM show.

**No cast members can be picked up before 3:45 PM.  Also please note that cast members will not be participating in the before or after-show picnic.

Frozen Friday Show Schedule:

Location: The Mandell School - 795 Columbus Avenue.

12:00 PM - Watch with the Pumas (D5) -- Join for lunch at 12:45 PM outside after the show!

1:00 PM - Watch with the Panthers (D6) & D6X (PanthersX) -- Join for lunch at 12:10 PM outside before the show!

2:00 PM - Watch with the Cheetahs(D4) -- Snack at 2:45 PM outside after the show!

3:00 PM - Watch with Parents & Families of Cast Members

If you are not sure if you camper is in the show or not, please do not hesitate to ask!

Please rotate your device