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Oasis Day Camp - Apply Now

Ready to apply for a job at camp? Take a look at our job descriptions and once you've decided on a position, click below to begin the application process.

If this is your first summer with Oasis you will need to create an account with us, using your first/last name and email address. And then just follow the application instructions on the screen. 

Apply to work at:

Oasis in Bayside

@ Queensborough Community College

Oasis in Central Park

@ the BASIS Indepdent School

Oasis in Dobbs Ferry

@ Mercy College and the Masters School

Oasis Downtown

@ Transfiguration School

Oasis in Madison

@ Drew University

Oasis at LIU Post

@ LIU Post


Not sure which location you are interested in working at? Have some questions?

Feel free to give us a call at 646-205-7787 or email us at genna@oasischildren.com.

Working with Oasis:

As a part of the Oasis team, staff will enjoy the challenges, triumphs, opportunities, responsibilities, laughs, rewards and fun that make up each energizing, unique, creative, and giving day at Oasis!

There are many benefits to working for Oasis:

Which fit is right for you?

Click here for a description of the summer locations available. Click here to view a description of positions available.

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