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Oasis Day Camp - 6 Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in Oasis Preschool Summer Camp

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Oasis day camps are where children go to have a summer of fun while making friendships that last a lifetime. This begins at a young age with our Early Start Imagination Camp (ESIC), a unique preschool summer camp program for children between the ages of three and five years old.

Every Oasis day camp is a safe and inclusive environment that provides a community of caring mentors, a sense of belonging and lots of fun. Preschool summer camp is your child’s introduction to camp life, and the opportunity to embrace new experiences and learn new skills. We provide just the right mix of learning and recreation that keeps kids coming back year after year.

Our experienced staff makes a point to build self-confidence in our preschool campers by being positive, supportive and kind. We encourage kids to try new activities at camp (and always assist them when needed) because we know this is when the Oasis experience truly comes alive.

If you think your child is too young for camp, think again! Here are six benefits to enrolling your child in the ESIC program at Oasis preschool summer camp.

Developmentally appropriate programs designed by early childhood educators.

Our Early Start Imagination Camp program is designed by early childhood educators to meet the social, emotional and physical needs of pre-K and kindergarten kids. All of the activities that preschoolers participate in – from arts and crafts to soccer and swimming to music and dance – are developmentally appropriate for our youngest campers.

Easing separation anxiety and building independence.

Attending summer camp is an invaluable benefit for kids who don’t have a lot of experience being away from mom, dad or a trusted caregiver. We have a counselor to camper ratio of 1:3 in the ESIC program, and our supportive counselors make sure all the children feel welcome and safe.

Separation anxiety becomes less of an issue when your child knows she or he will be spending the day with their friends having lots of fun and adventures. Our goal is to create a nurturing transition into the camp environment for children and parents.

Creating structure and following a schedule.

Preschool summer campis a good opportunity to introduce children to structure and concepts like following a schedule and learning group rules. It’s a preview of what a classroom environment will be like, but we offer more entertainment and extra attention to each child.

The Oasis staff is hired specifically to attend to the needs of preschoolers. We structure each day in ESIC to include smaller activities with more one-on-one instruction, and build-in plenty of time for breaks, snacks, and a nap.

Preschoolers getting ready to attend kindergarten also participate in our “Ready for September” school-year readiness program. This includes low stress, academically oriented activities that prepare campers for the social elements and routines associated with being in a structured group setting.

Being introduced to different activities and learning new skills.

Campers in the ESIC program are experiencing many firsts, and a chance to test the waters is one of them. Our American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim program is an opportunity for your child to learn how to swim or hone their skills under the supervision of our aquatics director, instructors and lifeguards. All of the Oasis camps have either indoor or outdoor pools, and campers get to swim about three times per week (schedules differ per camp).

Learning how to play sports is another first often experienced by our young campers. If your child has never played sports – no problem. Our coaches teach kids how to pass, shoot and score while stressing sportsmanship and fair play. And while the kids are having fun learning new sports, they don’t even realize they’re also building confidence, learning about teamwork and following rules.

But swimming and soccer aren’t the only new activities to try in our preschool summer camp program. All of our camps offer indoor and outdoor options such as music, dance, arts and crafts, and theater programs lead by our experienced instructors. Scavenger hunts, relay races and kickball games are also part of the many activities that we modify to meet the needs of our preschool campers.

Expanding social skills and making new friends.

Attending camp is a wonderful way for your child to expand his or her social circle and meet a whole new group of kids. Preschool summer camp gives campers a chance to socialize with kids in their age group, practice making friends, and interact with a diverse group of children while learning how to share.

Our ESIC campers also get to participate in special events and activities with the entire camp community. Whether it’s cheering at a morning rally or singing at lunch, everyone joins together when it comes to camp spirit at Oasis.

Bonus: It’s good for parents too!

Not only does going to camp cut down on screen time and keep kids active, it benefits parents too. Whether you’re working at home or in an office, attending to younger children or just need to take care of business, you’ll know your child is safe, happy and having the time of their life when they’re at an Oasis preschool summer camp.

We offer the Early Start Imagination Camp program at almost all of the Oasis locations, for kids who have not yet started kindergarten and are fully potty-trained. Learn more about ESIC at each of these camps:

Bayside, Queens

Central Park, UWS

Dobbs Ferry

Downtown, LES

LIU Post, Long Island

Madison, NJ


*Early Start Imagination Camp is not offered at Camp TWU, Brooklyn.

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