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Oasis Day Camp - About Us

Who We Are

Oasis Children's Services is dedicated to a community-oriented, holistic approach to youth development. Oasis collaborates with schools, youth-service organizations and public agencies to create outstanding summer camps, summer enrichment programs, and year round programs from children and families. 

Oasis Mission

Oasis strives to provide customized, engaging programs for children and families by transforming local school and public spaces into fun, vibrant communities. Oasis programs create safe and inclusive environments where children develop life skills through quality experiences in the arts, athletics, and enrichment activities. 

Our Core Values

Established in 2000, Oasis has built its programs around the Oasis Core Values:

  1. Oasis gives children the tools they will need to be successful in school and in life.
  2. Oasis creates communities for children that are safe havens emotionally and physically. 
  3. Oasis staff members build self-confidence by being positive, supportive and kind.
  4. Oasis encourages children to embrace new experiences and to learn new skills. 
  5. Oasis staff members are role models who teach through their own behaviors and attitudes.

Types of Programs

Day Camps  

Day Camps

Oasis Day Camp is for campers ages 3-15. Our staff focuses on creating activities and instuction that are developmentally appropriate for the varied ages of our campers.  Campers are split into Lower Camp, Upper Camp, and two specialty programs for our youngest (Early Start) and oldest campers (Teen Travel).

Early Start Imagination Camp (ESIC)

The Oasis Early Start Imagination Camp is a program created for children ages 3-5 who have not yet started Kindergarten and are fully potty trained. ESIC strives to create a nurturing transition into the camp environment, working hard to make both our families and campers feel safe.  This program is designed to meet the social, emotional, and physical needs of our Early Start Campers.

Teen Travel

Oasis' Teen Travel program is for teens going into the seventh, eighth and ninth grades (approx. ages 12-14), which gives teens the opportunity to take unique day trips while forming lifelong friendships. Each week trips are organized around a theme, allowing teens to choose what interests them most. Extended day trips and even overnights are all part of the experience! 

School-based Summer Enrichment Programs 

School-based Summer Enrichment Programs

Oasis Children's Services LLC partners with schools to operate summer enrichment programs that diminish summer learning loss and work to improve students’ proficiency in reading and math. Oasis programs allow students to progress and improve academically while developing social skills and self-confidence in a motivating and challenging environment. 

After School Programs

Through partnerships with schools, Oasis hosts after-school enrichment programs to offer students homework help and academic remediation, provide extended learning opportunities in the arts and STEM, build core academic skills, and strengthen the school-based learning community. Oasis after-school programs enhance students’ willingness and ability to learn, promote self-confidence and self-esteem, and helped students receive academic support after the school day.

Holiday Programs 


During the school year, Oasis leads trip-based and school-based holiday programs for students of all ages. Oasis trip-based holiday programs feature trips to educational and recreational public attractions to introduce students to new environments and expand their learning opportunities. School-based holiday programs feature a week of hands-on learning projects in the arts, sciences, and physical recreation led by Oasis staff.

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