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What ages are the campers at Oasis?

We offer four summer camp programs for children and young adults ages 3-15 years old. Early Start Imagination Camp is for toddlers and preschoolers ages 3-5 years old. Lower Day Camp is for kids 6-8 years old (going into 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades) and Upper Day Camp is for kids 9-11 years old (going into 4th, 5th and 6th grades). Our Teen Traveler Program is for campers 12-15 years old (going into 7th, 8th and 9th grades). All of our programs are committed to providing kids the best summer of their lives in a fun, safe and inclusive environment.

What is the ratio of counselors to campers at Oasis summer camps?

For our Early Start Imagination Camp the ratio of counselors to kids is 1:3. For all of the other program levels, the ratio of counselors to campers averages 1:5.

On average, how many campers are in each program level?

Oasis Day Camps average between 40-60 campers per program level.

What are the qualifications of your summer staff? How do you screen staff?

All of our staff members must pass criminal and sex offender background checks, and senior and transportation staff have CPR and first aid training. Oasis staff members also have camp or child care experience and go through extensive pre-camp and in-camp training. Many of our leadership staff are also teachers, social workers and psychologists, and all of our specialists have expertise in their field.

Is there medical staff at each Oasis camp location?

Each camp has at least one Health Director on site during camp hours, who is often a working EMT or nurse. The director is trained in advanced emergency first aid care and advanced CPR, and is supported by our leadership staff who are all certified in advanced first aid and CPR. All staff assigned to ride buses also have CPR and first aid training.

How flexible is summer camp enrollment?

Oasis campers can enroll for a minimum of two consecutive weeks, a maximum of eight weeks, or any combination in between.

What are the dates and rates for Oasis Day Camp?

Rates and dates vary by camp, so please check the specific location your child is interested in attending.

Bayside, Queens

Central Park, UWS

Dobbs Ferry, NY

Downtown, LES

LIU Post, LI

Madison, NJ

Camp TWU, Brooklyn

What types of activities do you offer at summer camp?

We offer field sports including soccer, flag football, softball, and lacrosse in addition to court sports such as tennis and basketball. All of our camps offer swimming and swimming lessons, dance, arts & crafts, music, theater, games, outdoor adventure, and academic enrichment. Each camp also has various specialists, so check out the specific camp location you’re interested in attending and review the Activities page.

Does Oasis offer camp meals for lunch or does my child need to bring lunch?

All of the Oasis day camps offer lunch service and a healthy summer camp food menu that includes a hot entree and a side, fruit, bottled water and a fresh-baked desert. Campers also have the option to bring their lunch from home, packed in a soft, non-disposable container.

Does Oasis provide transportation to and from camp?

We offer different bus options at most of our locations, so check the specific camp location you’re interested in for transportation options.

My child has severe allergies and needs to bring an Epi-pen, what should I do?

Our Health Director and staff are fully prepared to deal with allergies and Epi-Pens. Just let us know and we will put together a protocol that works best for your child 

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