Staff Testimonials

"I just wanted to let you know what an amazing summer I had and what a wonderful experience I had at Oasis. When you hired me so many months ago, I never imagined that Oasis would feel like my family. I don't know if you remember our talk about sleep away camp, but after going for 10 years camp is something I hold very close to my heart and working at Oasis has only made me cherish how special camp is even more than I already did. I can't believe that we're approaching the last day, but I do hope to make Oasis part of my "real life" for many years to come. If all goes according to plan I hope to go into school social work which keeps my summers free! I hope you have a wonderful year and that I will see you again soon!"

- Counselor, Oasis Downtown 

"Working at Oasis made this summer the best summer of my life. I came to camp excited to work with kids and not only did I form bonds with the amazing kids, but I formed great friendships that I think will last a long time."

- Instructor, Oasis On the Sound

"I returned because of the kids and my site director. The kids were fun to be around with and it's a great feeling to know that they are having a good time at summer camp."

- Division Leader, Oasis Central Park

"It was VERY positive, organized, and well structured. It was all the things that I expected after reviewing the website" 

- Counselor, Oasis Dobbs Ferry

"I have been involved with camp programs for 8 years. Oasis was uniquely different: younger staff, involved staff, open to ideas, a great program full of enthusiastic teaching staff and group leaders , concerned division leaders , [and] everyone willing to participate and speak their minds"

- Health Director, Oasis Madison

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