Why Work at Oasis

As a part of the Oasis team, staff will enjoy the challenges, triumphs, opportunities, responsibilities, laughs, rewards and fun that make up each energizing, unique, creative, and giving day at Oasis!

There are many benefits to working for Oasis:

  • Become a natural leader! You will develop your leadership and management skills as you learn to work cooperatively with other staff members, teaching and fostering positive child development throughout the summer.
  • Create lasting friendships and memories!You will feel a personal sense of accomplishment and importance as you become a mentor and role model in the lives of children. Being a part of the Oasis team enables you to contribute your personal talents and interact with other staff members who share common ideals.
  • Build your resume! Career benefits as an Oasis counselor include development of essential management and communication skills. Oasis also offers a great opportunity to network and many members of the Oasis team are professionals in education, psychology, social work, recreation and the arts.             


Which location is right for you?

Click here for a description of the summer locations available.

561 7th Ave – 3rd Floor | New York, NY 10018. Phone: 800-317-1392, Fax: 718-855-2435. E-mail: info@oasischildren.com

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