Oasis Funded Programs NEW STAFF Application **Applications are being updated, Summer 2016 Applications will be available Mid-January 2016**

Oasis Funded Programs are summer enrichment programs held in public schools throughout NYC and Long Island. Our programs are funded through partnerships with local school districts, educational agencies, and other non-profit orgaanizations. Funded programs are offered to students ages 4-14 to diminish summer learning loss and work to improve students' academic, social, and emotional skills.

Please complete each section of the application below to apply to work at an Oasis Funded Program. You will receive an email acknowleding receipt of your application once it has been successfully received. Applications will be screened on a rolling basis once funding has been approved and based on program enrollment. Interviews will be required for all new staff.

First Name:
Last Name:
Street Address:
Zip Code:
Primary Phone Number:
Secondary Phone Number:
Current Age Status:
Social Security Number: - -
Date you are available to start work:
Last date available to work:
Tshirt size:
Age group to work with:
Have you ever worked
for Oasis Before? 
How did you learn
about Oasis? 
Referring Source Name (Name of person, school, website, etc. you learned about Oasis):
After reviewing the job descriptions and qualifications on our website, for which position would you like to be considered?
First Choice:
Second Choice:
If you are applying for a Program Instructor: Other position, are you interested in providing academic enrichment?
If you would like to provide academic enrichment activities, for which position would you like to be considered?
First Choice Academic Position
Second Choice Academic Position
After reviewing the program locations on our website, for which location would you like to be considered?
First Choice Location:
Second Choice Location:
Are you currently a Student?
Name of Current School or School Last Attended:
High School Name:
High School Grade Completed:
College Status in 2015-2016:
College Major:
Degree Earned (if any):
Name of Previous Job 1:
Type of work:
Dates Worked:
Name of Previous Job 2:
Type of work:
Dates Worked:
Name of Previous Job 3:
Type of work:
Dates Worked:
CAMP EXPERIENCE: (Either worked at or attended)
Name of Previous Camp:
Camper or Staff?:
Name of Previous Camp 2:
Camper or Staff?:
Certification information must be entered for Swim Staff and Health Directors. Certification must be valid through September 2015.
CPR:   Expires: 
Standard First Aid:   Expires: 
Advanced First Aid:   Expires: 
EMT:   Expires: 
Lifeguard:   Expires: 
Water Safety Instructor:   Expires: 
LPN/RN:   Expires: 
Teaching Certificate:   Expires: 
Epi-Pen:   Expires: 
Why are you applying to work with Oasis?
What strengths do you feel you would bring to this position? (please use your first choice position when answering)
Have you ever worked with children before? If so, explain in what capacity and if not, explain why you are interested in working with children:
It is the first day of camp and your group is preparing to run an opening event for 15 kids. What would you suggest to get them excited for camp?
REFERENCES: (Please list only professional references: Employer, Advisor, Coach, etc., and provide a valid email address for each. Applications will not be reviewed without valid email addresses for all references.)
Name of Reference 1: 
Reference 1 Email Address:
Reference 1 Phone Number:
In what capacity do you know this person?
Name of Reference 2:
Reference 2 Email Address:
Reference 2 Phone Number:
In what capacity do you know this person?
Name of Reference 3:
Reference 3 Email Address:
Reference 3 Phone Number:
In what capacity do you know this person?
Have you ever been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor?
If yes, please indicate the dates and circumstances: 
Have you ever been convicted of child abuse or a sexual offense?
· To the best of my knowledge and belief, the information given truly represents my background and experience. I understand that if I have knowingly or negligently misrepresented, falsified or omitted any information during the application process, I may be disqualified for employment consideration or dismissed from employment with Oasis Children's Services.

Date (mm/dd/yyyy):

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