Staff Bonus Program

There are even more ways to earn money this summer!

Refer-a-friend Bonus Information

(For ALL non-leadership applicants and staff members)

Do you have friends or family who you think would be a great addition to the Oasis family? Oasis offers a $50 bonus* for every hired staff member you refer to Oasis!

Here's how to start earning additional money this summer and provide your friends with a great summer opportunity:

  • Refer your friends to our website to fill out a staff application.
  • Be sure they indicate that you referred them on their application by filling in "Word of Mouth" in the "How Did You Hear About Us?" field and then filling in your name.

* The bonus will be issued at the end of the summer to ensure that this staff member successfully completes the summer with us. Staff must be at least 17 years of age.

Extra Jobs Stipend Information

(For ALL non-leadership applicants and staff members)

A number of our camps offer opportunities for staff members to arrive at camp earlier or stay later than other staff members to provide supplementary support and receive additional compensation.

Extra Jobs available during the summer include:

Early Morning Arrival Camper Counselor* - Arrive to camp by 8 AM as a counselor for children arriving early to camp.

Afternoon Dismissal Camper Counselor* - Stay after 5:30 PM as a counselor for children being picked up late from camp.

Early Morning Set Up Counselor - Arrive to camp by 8 AM to set up equipment, prep the facilities, etc.

Afternoon Clean Up Counselor - Stay after 5:30 PM to pack up equipment, clean the facilities, etc.

* The availability of this position varies by site.

Here's how to start earning additional money during the summer and help out at camp at the same time!**

  • Indicate on your online application that you are interested in applying for an extra job position. You will only be allowed to select one position.
  • Extra job requirements will be discussed in detail during the four days of pre-camp training and positions will be issued by the Operations Director prior to the first day of camp. Participation in training is required to be eligible to receive an extra job.
  • Once you accept a position, you are required to complete the daily requirements of that position in order to receive full compensation.

** Extra Job stipends are divided over the number of paychecks received during the course of the summer and the per-check amount will be added to the salary stipend on each paycheck.

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