Oasis On The Sound


Week #3 is over and we beat that heat!!!

NY COSMOS, Captain, Carlos Mendez talking to our campers!!


This week was filled with so many exciting activities! We started off the week with a “trip” to Yellow Stone National Park, Old Faithful. We did a geyser simulation using diet coke and Mentos. The coke shot out of the bottles just like a real geyser!! Our week got even better when upper camp got to visit the Bronx Zoo. They saw lions, tigers, and bears! Oh My! The week only got better from there when professional soccer player and NY Cosmos Captain, Carlos Mendez came to visit camp. Campers were able to sign up for a Choice Soccer Clinic with Carlos and learn valuable skills from a professional player! At the end of the day, we all sat down with Carlos to hear about his career. We ended the day off in true Oasis fashion with a Hi-Dee-Hi cheer to show Carlos our Oasis Spirit! Some campers even got to go out on the boats this week during choice academy and practice their boating skills. The stand up paddle boards (SUP) continue to be a camp favorite and it is awesome to watch campers stand up out on the bay. Finally at the end of the week, we got to show our families what camp was all about at the San Francisco Peace & Love Family BBQ. We had a blast spending time with everyone and cannot wait for Monday!!

P.S Check out our flickr and instagram (@oasisonthesound) for some awesome pictures!!!

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