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The Color Battle is in Full Swing!!

We have had an amazing week so far.  The campers were secretly given their colors on Monday.  Before they could reveal their colors the campers had to try and guess the colors of the other campers.  Their were lots of color assumptions!! Points were awarded for correct guesses of a camper's colors and points were taken away for incorrect guesses. It was a gamble! 

On Tuesday, they reveled their team colors!!  It was great to see all the colors come into camp.  They really showed their spirit for the event.   We unfortunately were unable to hold the campers versus staff basketball game because of the weather.  We did replace the game with an awesome Dutch Auction and Family Feud.  The kids really banded together and supported their team.  The rain couldn't stop the fun!!!  

Wednesday was head to toe colors and it was amazing to see.  So many kids had their face and arms painted right in the morning to kick off the day!  They were so excited to have the colors all over them!! HAHAHA!! :) 

Today, we are participating in our very first COLOR RUN!!  Looking forward to seeing all the colors of the rainbow come alive!!  It should be a fun run!!  Pictures of the event will be posted on our Flickr account.  Have a great day!!



Bocce Ball COLOR BATTLE style!!

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