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Summer Schedules Week A/Week B

This summer the schedules will rotate on a Week A/Week B basis.  Week A will be the first week, and Week B will be the second week and the they will rotate in this fashion till the end of our program.  I would like the schedules to stay consistent for the entire program but there are always days were the schedule changes.  I try my best to be as consistent as possible.  

On Choice Time Activity days (Monday & Wednesday), it is sometimes a necessity to change the schedule because of the Waterfront Activities.  If it is low tide, it is impossible to take out the boats.  I adjust the schedule to the tide.  

If your child is swimming 1st period after Morning Rally, please send them in their bathing suits.  It will make the transition to swim much quicker!!!  A quicker transition will allow for more time in the pool.


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