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Celebrate the New Year with New Discounts!

Celebrate the New Year with New Discounts!… Read More


Early Bird Discounts!

Click here to read all about our Early Bird Discounts for Summer 2018!… Read More


Newsletter & 2017 Summer Calendar!

Check out this month's newsletter to read more about what's new at camp this summer!… Read More


2017 Early Bird Discounts Now Available!

Click here to view more info on our 2017 Early Bird Discounts!… Read More


Super Early Bird Registration is Here!

Super Early Bird Registration is now available until August 29th.  Please contact your camp office for more information.… Read More


A Picture Perfect Day

Welcome to Week 7...Florida Week!… Read More


Teen Travel Information Session: August 3rd!

Is your child ready in Upper Camp and almost ready to age out of our day camp program? Come learn about our AMAZING Teen Travel Program! Meet and Greet campers who are in the program and learn about their experience! Please contact your Camp Office or speak with your Camp Director for more information.  … Read More


Love Camp? Want to see more?

Come check out pictures of what's happening at camp!… Read More


The 2016 Oasis Cup at Tully Park

Hi Dee Hi, We are so thrilled that our oldest campers will be attending the 2016 Oasis Cup in Tully Park.  If your child is attending, please arrive to camp early so that they can board the bus on time. We are rooting for them and know they will do their best! If your child is going to compete for Oasis On the Sound, remember that we are: 1. Team Pink 2. It will be a hot day so please pack sunscreen and ice… Read More


Welcome to the Big Sur!

Hi Dee Hi! This week we are enjoying our journey in California and today we stopped off in Big Sur.  Located on the coast of California, and our campers located on the northern coast of Long Island...we had an awesome day at camp.  Today our campers kicked off the day with some fun in the sun with a high spirited Morning Rally.  Afterwards campers went swimming in the cool Manorhaven pool, played frisbee golf, enjoyed creating art… Read More

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