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Philosophy – The Oasis Way

At Oasis we believe that summer camp is a place where children should come to grow, learn, have fun and build lasting memories while making life-long friends.  Camp is more than just a place to go.  It is an adventure to experience.  It is where the values of sharing, integrity, responsibility, and respect are developed and nurtured every day.  

The Oasis Way

The best camp experience gives children enhanced self-confidence and greater self esteem.  Campers learn to value others by being valued themselves.  We are committed to making a positive difference in the life of every one of our campers.  

Emotional Intelligence - EQ

While parents are the primary source of values education and character building, camp offers a great opportunity to reinforce what children are already learning at home.

Moreover, in the recreational setting that includes sports, performing arts, and sharing group responsibilities in a shared environment, children have a unique opportunity to learn, practice, and test their "EQ" (emotional intelligence.)

Our Mission

The Oasis Way not only supports our camp’s mission of teaching children the skills of making and keeping friends while building their self-esteem; it creates the emotionally and physically safe environment that makes it all possible.

This is what Oasis has been doing since 2000 and this is just one of the aspects that make Oasis a Premier Day Camp.

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