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Hi-Dee-Hi Oasis Families,

The week of August 3 – 7 is one that includes something that we are most proud of.  Thursday, August 6th is our Annual Oasis Gives Back Day where every Oasis camp is asked to plan events to create awareness and raise funds for The Michael J. Fox Foundation which has as its goal to find a cure for Parkinson’s Disease.  We have planned a week full of fun events for our campers and we ask you to help us to reach our goal of raising $1,500.  Here is how we are going to accomplish this.  Our campers will participate in “Penny Wars”.  Campers are asked to bring their spare pennies (and other change) from home to donate throughout this competition.  They will receive directions as to how the competition works.  Also, as part of Oasis in Union’s “Fox-A-Thon” we will be having four daily events.  A swim-a-thon, dance-a-thon, draw-a-thon and “Ball-Ball-a-thon”  For each of these events, we are asking camper’s families to secure two sponsors for each event at a donation of $5 per event.  The total donation if all sponsors are secured would be $40.  Below is table that each sponsor can fill in their name and what event they would like to sponsor.  Any donation or sponsorship you can secure is appreciated.  There is no competition to see who “brings in the most”.  If by chance a sponsor would prefer to write a check, please make the check out to “Michael J. Fox Foundation” and write “Oasis Gives Back” in the memo section.  Whether its $1 or $40 we appreciate anything you can do to assist us in this venture.  On Thursday, we will all be decked out in orange and we will create a short video expressing our support for the foundation and showing off all of our activities.  

Also, next week is our Olympic Week so be prepared to answer lots of questions about different countries and cultures that your campers will be asking you about.  This week gives us the opportunity to share with our campers some fun facts about different places around the world and each group will have the chance to pick a country to represent in the Oasis Games that will be held on Friday as our Special Event.  So, as always, a lot of fun things are happening here.  We look forward to Week 6 and to be able to spend some more time with all of your amazing young people.


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