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A Word From Our Aquatics Director

Dear Parents,

Thank you for entrusting your children in our care. As you may already know by now, your child will be swimming every day. It is my goal to ensure a safe, top-notch learning environment for your child.

 Let me tell you a little about myself. I started with Oasis in 2008 as a group leader. In 2010 I became a lifeguard/swim instructor at Oasis in Madison. From there, I went to Central Park, followed by Downtown Manhattan. During my time as a swim instructor, I honed in my leadership skills and became an Aquatics Director followed by two successful summers. Further, I continue to teach swim lessons at a YMCA. During the school year, I am a school counselor at a high school. I am very excited to bring my vast knowledge and skills to a brand new site here at Union. I am confident that alongside the swim staff, we will provide a safe and educational environment for your child.

Every week, you will receive an update on your child’s swim progress. They will be swim tested on day one to determine their appropriate swim level. We will be teaching to the American Red Cross standards. Further, the ratios at the pool will range from 2:1 – 4:1, ensuring your child’s safety.

I have certifications as a Water Safety Instructor, Life-guard, First-Aid, CPR, AED, Life-guard management and an aquatics director. If at any time you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at 917-922-0539. You may also set up a visit with Jim or Alexis if you would like to see the swim program in action. I look forward to an excellent summer working together.


Sincerely, Nick

Instructional Swim

  • Noodle races
    • Focuses on: Team-work, fun, kicking/pushing the water
    • Noodle races will help teach the swimmers that in order to move throughout the water they must propel themselves using their hands to push and their feet to kick.


  • Turtle Swim
  • Focuses on: swimmers challenging themselves, fun, front-crawl/freestyle swim, back-stroke/floating on back
  • One player gets a kickboard and places toy/object on top of it. The player then floats on their back with the kickboard balanced on their stomach like a turtle shell (the goal being to successfully bring the toy to the destination). After giving the turtle a head start, additional players pretend to be sharks and chase the turtles with the goal of obtaining the toy/object on the kickboard.


  • Red Light, Yellow light, Green Light
    • Focuses on: Improving kicking within the water
    • Each of the swimmers hold onto the side of the pool facing the wall. When the instructor says green light, the swimmers must kick as fast as they can. When the instructor says yellow light, the swimmers much kick at a slower pace. When the instructor says red light, the swimmers must stop kicking completely.



  • No running or horseplay on pool deck
  • No diving                                                                
  • Look before you leap!

Entering the pool (sitting entrance)

  1. Have the swimmer sit on the edge of the pool deck
  2. Roll over onto stomach and slide in on his/her belly. (warn not to scrape belly on pool or deck)
  3. Have swimmer continue to hold side of the pool/deck




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