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Halfway Through Week One, Prepping for Field Day, & Counselor in the Spotlight

Well, we're halfway through our first week of camp, and hopefully, you have settled into your routine as happily and comfortably as we have.  I know my counselors, my staff, and myself have slept well hours, if not minutes, after stepping into our homes, and we hope your children have as well.

Our campers have been in the pool, in the art tent, on the turf field, on the court, and their esic areas, and are working their way into our hearts. The morning rallies seem to have risen to a whole...nother...level...thanks to the participation of the campers, and we've had numerous campers find the confidence to step into the circle and lead us - something not often seen in week one. We've also begun our second annual male vs female counselor trivia challenge, based on our theme of the week. So far, the girls have bragging rights during School of Rock week. Finally, we're preparing for Friday's event - our Field Day - in which each division will command the turf field for itself, engaging in Tug-o-War, Water Bucket Races, Target Hoop Throws, Soccer Skills Challenge, and others. 

Lastly, we will be shining a spotlight on a different leader, counselor, and instructor each week, so that you can get to know us a bit more while we get to know your children. Mark Anderson, although he's still a senior in high school, has grown up before our very years, as first a camper, and now a counselor. When he's not working as a counselor with Oasis, he's playing basketball with his friends, and upon graduating from Mineola High School, we're sure he will be as successful in college and beyond.

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