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Athletics - The Right Balance Between Competition & Just Having Fun!

The Oasis Way is never more evident than in our athletics program.  At Oasis we stress sportsmanship and fair play above anything else.  

Expert Coaching

That’s not to say that instruction and competition go by the wayside.  Far from it!  We have expert coaching and modern athletic facilities to give every child the chance to reach their individual potential.

Never played one of the sports?  No problem! 

Our coaches will show you how to pass, shoot, and score!  Our athletic program includes instruction and plenty of time to play games just for fun.  At Oasis winning is secondary to ensuring that sports are safe, inviting, and enjoyable for everyone, no matter what their level of ability.

575 5th Ave – 14th Floor New York, NY 10017. Phone: 800-317-1392, Fax: 718-855-2435. E-mail: info@oasischildren.com

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