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What Families are Saying

"Oasis was great.  My daughter had a wonderful experience and I believe that most of it was due to how wonderful the staff was. They all deserve high marks for the great job that they did.  I would highly recommend Oasis to all parents."

"I think that Oasis makes everyone involved feel a part of something special!"

"My son could not have been happier this summer.  He loved his counselors, kids in his group and all the activities.  Great job & thank you!"

"Your staff is consistently amazing!  They are caring, concerned, loving and genuinely interested.  Thank you for making my daughter’s first camp experience as awesome as I remember mine!"

"My children had a great time at camp! They made friends and the counselors were friendly, upbeat and helpful."

"My daughter had an awesome, idyllic summer at Oasis in Northampton.  The staff brought her out of her shy shell and I never worried about her."

"Oasis staff was friendly, warm, and caring.  My son looked forward to every day of camp. The experience was just what he needed, thanks so much for a memorable summer!"


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