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Hi dee hi Families!

Camp this week has been so much fun.  We started the week off on Monday as our campers from week 1 came back with huge smiles and our new campers who began this week arrived with their new crisp Oasis shirt, backpack, and lots of spirit.  For some campers this is now their 3rd year with Oasis and we really appreciate how those children have grown up here at Oasis.  Our 2nd year and 1st year campers were welcomed with open arms and all of them are making new friends and rekindling friendships from last summer.

This week is Survivor Australia Week.  All of our activites are going to have an "Australian flair" to them. In art this week, our campers are making tiki torches, In sports this week, our campers are learning Australian rules football, and in dance, our campers are learning some steps to music of the Aboriganes. It is always fun to see campers getting into the thematic spirit.

This week we handed out a clue for our the hidden immunity idol necklace. The group that finds the necklace will get an icees party on Friday at Lunch...good luck!

On Wednesday our campers went rollerskating! They had a blast skating at Pier 2 and learning to skate.  On Wednesday we made a music video! Our Lower Camp and Upper Camp campers and staff made a video to the song Shake it Off by Taylor Swift.  Campers had a great time swimming in the Red Hook and St. Francis Pool as well. 

It was a lot of fun!


Have a great day everyone!


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