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Meet Our 2016 Leadership Staff

Welcome Brooklyn Bridge Park campers to the first week of the best summer you will ever have! We at Brooklyn Bridge Park are all excited to have you on board and cannot wait to start having some fun in the sun playing games, making summer memories and best of all making new friends!

As our lovely campers look forward to beginning their first day of camp we here at BBP would like you to get to know a little bit about our dynamic Leadership staff...


Name: Harrison Peck
Position: Upper Camp Director
Super Power: The Loudest Cheerer!
Weakness: Wet Weather and Weekends
Personal Statement: I am SO excited to begin this amazing summer! I thank you and your kids for joining us and can’t wait to make more lifelong friends

Name: Raquel Rodriguez
Position: ESIC Camp Director
WEAKNESS: The smiles of my campers...I'll always lose to those faces.
Personal statement: I have been working in Summer Camps for about 11 years in leadership. I really enjoy being with children over the summer. Many educators think I'm crazy but teaching during the school year is not enough for me. I'm excited this year about the ESIC curriculum coming to life and excited to meet all my wonderful campers!

Name: Darryl Wong
Position: Director of Operations 
Super power: Electrorhinosity. My nose tingles before I receive a phone call or notification.
Weakness: Mustaches, glasses, and beaglepusses.
Personal Statement: When I’m not at camp I enjoy playing basketball, riding bicycles, and running with my dog Miso. These active hobbies allow me to consume hamburgers, ramen bowls, and shrimp burritos to my heart’s desire. I’m looking forward to an awesome summer with Oasis BBP.

Name: Marquis Wright
Position: Swim Director 
Super power: Swim Master
Weakness: Thunderstorms 
Personal Statement: I'm so excited for this summer. Also ready to make strong impacts on my campers and staff. I hope you are excited as I am and remember 'Just Keep Swimming' 

Name: Marberth (Marby) Coulanges
Position: Health Director 
Super Power: Sprinkles of Awesomeness
Weakness: Rainy days and Chicken Wings 
Personal Statement: Summer Camp has always been my favorite childhood memory. I'm so glad I can revisit that memory with all of you this summer. 

Name: Zuleika Porter
Position: Health Director 
Super Power: Healing sunshine
Weakness: Rainy days
Personal Statement: I'm super ecstatic for the Summer to beginning and for camp to start. Can't wait to meet you and have the greatest summer with lots of fun!! 

Name: Alexis Haddad
Position: Teen Travel Director
Super Power: Excursion Master 
Weakness: Puppies and Pancakes
Personal Statement: I am very excited to meet our campers at camp Oasis and have a blast this summer! I thank you and your kids for joining our camp and anticipating the adventures that await us. 


Name: Lee Belfield
Position: Division 1 Leader
Super Power: The ability to multiply FUN!
Weakness: Crunchy Cheetos and The Wizard of Oz 
Personal Statement: Aloha! I just can't wait to dive into eight weeks of summer fun with my new Oasis family! On the horizon there is tons of fun to be had! Let's go campers!

D1 - Week 1 Schedule

Name: Nikki Miller
Position: Division 2 Leader
Super Power: Mega-Cheers. Uses rhyme couplets, lyrical mastermind, and super-sonic clapping hands to rally groups of any size.
Weakness: Gloves. Nobody can clap with gloves on.
Personal Statement: You got that spirit? YEAH-YEAH

D2 - Week 1 Schedule

Name: Kimberly Blakney
Position: Division 3 Leader
Weakness: Tears 
Personal Statement: I am looking forward to meeting every camper and every parent. I can't wait to send every camper home every day with a smile and anxiousness to come back the next day! 

D3 - Week 1 Schedule

Name: Sinayah Jones
Position: Division 4 Leader
Super Power: Super Availability 
Weakness: Not being able to resist having fun! 
Personal Statement: Hello guys!!!! My name is Sinayah Jones "Miss S" and I'll be the Division Leader for D 4!!!!!! I've been with Oasis for 6 years and coming back every summer brings the same excitement. This is my first summer at Brooklyn Bridge Park and I am Thrilled to have fun and create great memories with each of you! :-) 

D4 - Week 1 Schedule

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