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COLOR WAR DAY 2: The Competition Heats Up! More Color War pics are on our flickr website! https://www.flickr.com/photos/oasisbbp/

Day 2 of Color War was GREAT! Campers really showed off their tema pride and team spirit all day! Cheering loud and proud throughout the day and trying their best during activities and sports helped make our 2nd day of Color War a great overall day.  
Coming into Day 2, the Blue Warriors were winning 216-175. We kicked things off with a cheer off in Morning Rally. Both Green and Blue brought their spirit! Eventhough the Blue Warriors had a more creative cheer, it was the Green Titans who brought the energy and team spirit.  That same spirit and energy carried out throughout the day as the Green Titans had a very successful day.  Weather it was playing baseball, racing in relay races, competing in dance competitions, swim races, science competitions, both teams had an awesome time and earned tons of points for their teams.  Here is the final score after day 2:

Blue Warriiors: 506

Green Titans: 507

In other news, we are thrilled to see so many families donating to Team Fox; The MIchael J. Fox Foundation for Pakinson's Research.  All donations will be collected by Thursday.  We thank all the families who have shown their generousity so far! We are also excited about the Dunk David event on Thursday!

Wednesday will be a roller-skating day for Lower and Upper Camp! We are excited to zoom around at Pier 2! Don't forget your helmet! 







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