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COLOR WAR DAY 1: Blue Warriors vs, Green Titans!

Today something amazing happened at Morning Rally...all of a sudden during Hi Dee Hi...David froze the crowd and...Lauren, Alicia, Chris and Mike ran in the middle throwing papers shouting COLOR WAR! Our campers and staff then checked the packets and found out that they were either on the Blue Warriors or the Green Titans. It was so much fun to split the camp into 2 teams.  

We kicked off Color War the ceremonial handshakes.  Junior Generals Liadon, Julian, Kendall, and Jamison along with Lieutenants Marline, 

Trendy, Ranique, and Eric and our Generals Lauren, Mike, Alicia, and Chris hugged it out and shook hands for good sportsmanship.  Then we had our inaguaral challenge- solve a puzzle and make a half court shot.  After solving the puzzle 2nd, Mike hit the half court shot for the Blue Warriors and the crowd went wild! The rest of the morning, our campers had a great time playing for their teams in challenging activites, an epic Upper Camp baseball game, and in overall spirit.  At Lunch it was a tie for zero impaciting as our campers cleaned up Brooklyn Bridhge Park really well.  Campers even began practicing their songs and dances for the Color War finale. By the looks of the practices that took place, it looks like it will be an amazing Finale on Friday.

There are tons of pictures up on flickr.  The updated score will be posted in the morning...so check back!

In other news, you can donate to Team Fox each morning and afternoon.  We are doing great with our fundraising, but we can always keep growing!

Don't forget your bandanas each day!




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