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Oasis Gives Back - Team Fox

Oasis Gives Back
August 1 - August 4, 2016
To benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research

For this year's Oasis Gives Back Charity Event, Downtown will be having a “Fox-A-Thon,” three different fundraising events throughout the week.  For each of these events, a swim-a-thon, fitness-a-thon, and draw-a-thon, we are asking families to sponsor at least two events per child at a suggested donation of $5 per event. Any donation or sponsorship you can secure is appreciated. There is no competition to see who “brings in the most,” but campers will have opportunities to earn some “Team Fox” gear for enthusiasm, sportsmanship, and spirit throughout these events. On Thursday, August 4th, we will all wear Orange and display our banner from the draw-a-thon!
If a sponsor would prefer to write a check, please make the check out to “Michael J. Fox Foundation” and write “Oasis Gives Back” in the memo section. Whether its $1 or $20, we appreciate anything you can do to assist us in this fundraiser. You can bring your donation to our check-in table during arrival or send it with your child’s bus counselor. You can also donate directly by clicking this link


  • Campers will be challenged to swim X amount of laps, kicks on the wall, and bobs, dependent upon age and swimming ability.


  • The groups will move through 5 stations of fitness activities (jumping jacks, toe touches, lunges from line to line, sit ups and running 5 laps)
  • A great opportunity to encourage and motivate our campers to exercise!


  • Each Division will be encouraged to color X amount of grids within the “Team Fox” Logo.
  • The groups with the most donations will get the most grid squares.



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