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Teen Travel (Campers going into the 7th, 8th and 9th grades)

Unique Day Trips & Special Over Nights

Teen Travel  is for young people going into the seventh, eighth and ninth grades (approx. ages 12-14), which gives teens the opportunity to take unique day trips while forming lifelong friendships. 

Choose What Interests YOU most!

Each week trips are organized around a theme, allowing teens to choose what interests them most. Extended day trips and even overnights are all part of the experience! 

Be a Leader In Training

Teens going into the tenth and eleventh grades (approx. ages 15-16) are eligible for the Oasis Leader In Training (LIT) program.  As an LIT you’re never too old for camp!  LITs spend part of their time learning to be a group leader by working with our campers.  The rest of their time is spent in leadership development and team building activities.

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