Teenagers (ages 14 to 16; entering 9th grade through entering 11th grade) interested in participating in the CIT/LIT Program must go through an application process. In order to be accepted into the program, these teens must complete the application (LINKED BELOW) and answer questions relating to (1) their interest in joining the CIT/LIT Program, (2) any past summer camp experience as a either a CIT/LIT or a camper (not required), (3) and questions pertaining to leadership.

In addition to completing and submitting answers to the application questions, each candidate must list three references, one of which must be a teacher. Once the application is submitted it is reviewed by Oasis Camps; if the applicant fits the needs of the CIT/LIT Leadership Program the applicant is notified and an interview is scheduled. Since most of the interviews are the first interview for these applicants, interviews are meant to be a friendly and positive experience for these applicants. After the interview, the decision for acceptance is made within three days.

Upon acceptance into the program, a formal letter of acceptance is provided along the necessary camp registration paperwork  and the CIT/LIT Handbook for review prior to orientation. At orientation, which is mandatory, there is discussion on leadership skills and training for camp!  Upon completion of training, our CITs/LITs are ready to embark on a great summer experience!


CIT/LIT Application

*You can download a paper copy of the application and email the completed paperwork to



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